Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I like 'em bad!

Bear with me.

I keep on forgetting that I have a blog to update. Anyway, what i have right now is a preview of things to come.

I'm pretty sure that most of you have already fell for that bad-ass guy. What do they have that make both women and gays alike fall head over hills with them? Believe me, "sanggano's" have all that charm.

But this particular "sanggano" is quite different. Bend over, he did. And did it rather well.

Now let me call him H.

to be continued...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Guy Named J (NSFW)

"I have always been a top. I enjoy playing the dominant role. And when I fuck, I fuck really hard."

This was my Grindr status when I felt the urge to play one cold Wednesday evening. One of the guys who responded was J. He had no photo whatsoever but the way he sent his messages gave me a hint that somehow, the guy from the other line is a prized jewel.

"Would you go for top to top?", J asked.


He exuded confidence and I felt that I had to match him in every way, so much so that in the end, he will be the one begging me to come over.

I was then wearing gym shorts without anything underneath and so I decided to take a photo of my very visible hard-on and sent it to him.

"Show me more.", he said.

"Not until you show yourself."

He replied with a photo of his face.

"That's not enough.", I teased.

"You drive a hard bargain."

"It's worth it."

"Oh yes it is!", he proudly said.

Just then, I decided to come out of my unit and went down three floors.

Yes, J and I, we live in the same building.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why oh why?

There seems to be a scarcity of gay-sex-related blogs lately. The usually spontaneously kinky Soltero (pardon on the adverbs) has already folded up and Tristan, whose trysts made my nights unbearable, has been quite busy with living his colorful life in the States. These are, of course, bad news for an audience like me.

And then I wondered, maybe it's time to tell my story.

For starters, I was not born and raised in Manila. I came here with the innocence of my childhood, lost and exposed to everything by the next days. There was no turning back since then.

I guess you will come to know me more in my future entries. Do take in mind that I am not gonna teach you where and how to hook up. I'm pretty sure you all know where the boys are, in varying amounts and quantities.

But Grindr has been a personal favorite, hence, the title.

So I invite you to read along. Let me tickle your senses.

For the next post will be all about me

and him.